DC Pizza Review: Potomac Pizza

by Matt Clinks

So I just moved to the DC area for a great job opportunity and one of the most exciting things to come from all of this is I get to try a TON of new pizza places I’ve never had before. So let me just jump right in with Potomac Pizza:


Crust: Outstanding hand-tossed style. I can’t put my finger on what it reminds me of

Sauce: Sweet, light, could use a bit more of it and a bit thicker.

Toppings: Very fresh, taste like they were all chopped up before I ordered.

Branding: Very small feel, though they have a little cartoon character illustration logo, their website feels dated. Not a bad thing, but it could all use an upgrade. Super nice on the phone however.

Overall 7/10 : Fantastic. A bit greasy, but that comes with my normal pepperoni habit.