Episode 9: My Indie Valentine

by Matt Clinks

MetaVendetta Episode 9: My Indie Valentine

The whole crew is BACK, and just in time for Valentine’s day – the day that speaks to every true digital romantic out there. It’s that time of there year where, if you’re like me, you just now realized it was Valentine’s Day and your kicking yourself. So why not put this podcast on your cellular device while you go dig yourself out of a hole!

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Track Notes:

Broken Age

1. Time to Get Up, Little Spaceman by Peter McConnell from Broken Age

DoubleFine does it again. Delivering on the whimsy in spades. This soundtrack is absolutely delightful, it’s honestly hard not to smile.

Titan Souls

2. Titan Souls by David Fenn from Titan Souls

David Fenn delivers in a big way on setting the tone for Titan Souls. The tracks are split right down the middle ( half adventure /half boss) Everything about this game brings me back to that Shadow of the Colossus spirit with a bit of Sword and Sworcery mixed in.

Master Spy

3. Title Theme by Sferro from Master Spy

This “Spy-Fi” stealth-based platformer is frenetic. The soundtrack invokes a sort of 80’s neon nostalgia. Sferro does an awesome job on the title track. Make sure and check out his other work on his official soundcloud.


4. Hazy Awakening by Brandon Blume from Serena

Brandon Blume sets the stage for an oddly unsettling melodramatic piece. Reminiscent of a soap opera theme, it does an outstanding job of understanding it’s place. Serena itself has an excellent story about the dev process that everyone should check out.

No real reason, just thought I’d post this instead of Chrono Trigger art

NOT INDIE #5. Schala’s Theme from Chrono Trigger

Gabriel Sandoval’s favorite videogame track off all-time is this month’s non-indie song of the month. You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out why.

***Intro – Brad Wiley official Soundcloud

Thanks to Brad Wiley for the new hotness that is the MV intro track. Make sure and check out his other stuff on his soundcloud and his rad videogame podcast, We the Gamer.

Friends on this episode:

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Stay posted for the Episode 10…next month