Episode 8: New Indie Year

by Matt Clinks

MetaVendetta Episode 8: New Indie Year

We are kicking off this year a bit more reserved than normal. I hesitate to call this a “microcast” because we are still delivering the best in indiegame tunage, but the whole crew isn’t on for this one. Donovan and Gabe are resting their voices for the next episode and as we move into the new year we are hoping to deliver some really good interviews and features to the show. With that said, please remove your “2014” paper glasses and party hats and get ready for some quality indiegame music. 

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Track Notes:

1. Don’t Back Down by Zack Parrish from Valdis Story: Abyssal City

Valdis Story: Abyssal City is a great game I happened to come across on Steam the other day. Not sure why, but I hadn’t heard much about this metroidvania/rpg/DevilMayCry/2d sidescroller. It’s fantastic…but the thing that caught me are these tunes. The way Zack Parrish mixes up electric guitar and epic strings is fantastic!

2. Hillbilly Seven Eights & Hillbilly Burns  by Brian Min from the The Cave

I think the key thing that stands out to me is the idea that each character in The Cave gets their own unique take on the games main theme…very cool!


3. Antichamber Suite II  by Siddhartha Barnhoorn from Antichamber 

“This soundtrack is a compilation of music from the game. Inside the game itself the music is made up of layers which crossfade into each other, creating an evolving piece of ambient music which never has the same elements / layers on top of each other. Evolving in texture the further you venture into the world of Antichamber…”

I think that quote says it all. I think it should be noted if you want to check out that Antichamber sleep cycle compilation, put together by Robin Arnott, check it out here.

4. Introducing Stanley by the Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra from the Stanley Parable 

Not too many games come in a year that make you stop and rethink how videogames themselves, are made. Stanley Parable is one of them. It’s also one of my favorite games of the year. This kooky soundtrack works perfectly to match the pace and crazy themes that the games covers.

Samurai Gunn

5. “End & Again” by doseone from Samurai Gunn Samurai Gunn.

It’s almost impossible to have not heard about it by this point. However, with all this critical praise, you may not have heard how amazingly kickass the soundtrack was. Well, I’m here to set let you know…it is! Reminds me of the Wu-Tang a bit, a little hip-hop mixed with martial arts. It’s so good.

***Intro – Brad Wiley official Soundcloud

Thanks to Brad Wiley for the new hotness that is the MV intro track. Make sure and check out his other stuff on his soundcloud and his rad videogame podcast, We the Gamer.

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