MetaVendetta 2013 Holiday Special!

by Matt Clinks

MetaVendetta 2013 Holiday Special episode!

It’s time to cuddle up to the fireplace, grab a little Swiss Miss hot beverage powder, put on your fluffiest pair of socks, and…

…listen to indiegame music?!?!

That’s right boys and girls. It’s time for the annual(hopefully) MetaVendetta 2013 Holiday Special episode. What does that mean? I’m glad you asked. Not only are we covering indiegame tunes, for the year in review each member of the MV is bringing one song to the table as their song of the year, from all videogames. Everything is fair game.

So turn off Home Alone 2, it’s time to truly get lost in our winter wonderland. And hey, we got a special guest in the house. Everyone say ”ho, ho, ho” to Mitchell Mazurek.

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Track Notes:

1. “Level 3” by Ella Guro from Dys4ia

With such a heavy topic, I’d hate to make light of this game. First off Dys4ia is incredible for a multitude of reasons, but #1 is simply being able to go where not a lot of videogames go in allowing the player to experience a person’s story that maybe they wouldn’t have thought of before. It’s something this medium allows, and something more games should take advantage of. Ella Guro, or Liz Ryerson, created the awesome soundscape that goes along with it. Very real and very emotional. Also here’s the article I referenced in the episode.


2. “Oh the Joy” by Jonathan Eng from Year Walk

Scott takes the cake for picking the creepiest song of the year. Way to go Scott. Also, if you haven’t played Year Walk on your ”iDevice”, what are you doing with your life?

Year Walk…creepy

3. “Lorule Field (Milk Bar Theme) original song by Koji Kondo from the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

I can’t think of a stronger feeling than nostalgia when talking about the holidays. Koji Kondo kinda owns this for gamers around the world. This rendition of the original song is excellent.

4. “Main Theme”  by Tettix from Rogue Legacy

We’ve talked a good amount about Rogue Legacy in the past, but it’s good to see it making our year in list thanks to special guest, Mitchel! Great soundtrack.

5. “Main Theme” by Isabelle(Volute) from This is Not a Minimalist Game

Sparse, lonely, and a compelling story/commentary. A game that was made in 48 hours and a great theme to accompany it. Good choice Gabriel.

This is Not a Minimalist Game

6.  “Will the Circle Be Unbroken’’ originally written by Ada R. Habershon with music by Charles H. Gabriel re-done for Bioshock Infinite by Troy Baker and Courtney Draper

This is my song of the year. I don’t want to go into too much detail as to why, but it’s almost like they built the game and story around this song itself. It fits so perfectly. It’s one of the quietest and touching moments I’ve ever heard in a videogame. Please AAA, DO MORE OF THIS!

You have to watch this, please!

You, seriously, need to watch this!

7.”In a Moment’s Time” by Michiru Yamane from Skullgirls 

Coming straight from NeoGaf indiegame community, this request comes in from PandaPedinte, and it’s a good one. Can anyone say, “Castlevania?”

***Intro – Brad Wiley official Soundcloud

Thanks to Brad Wiley for the new hotness that is the MV intro track. Make sure and check out his other stuff on his soundcloud and his rad videogame podcast, We the Gamer.

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