Episode 6: Lyric

by Matt Clinks

MetaVendetta Episode 6: Lyric

Videogame music…it’s an interesting concept. It is the theme song for the fun your having, it sets the mood for your scary survival-horror weekend, and it pumps up the intensity in your multiplayer deathmatches. This is normal. This is status quo.

What about when a game takes it upon itself to include words, voices, and singing. Interweaving and developing even deeper storylines, adding lyrics to your videogame music can often enhance a videogame all by itself. That’s what we’re here to talk about in MetaVendetta Episode 6. The way lyrics, though rare, have added unquantifiable elements to some of our favorite indie games this year. Buckle up and get your moleskin on, write down your deepest thoughts and feelings and prepare for ‘Lyric.’

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cover by Colton Batts

Track Notes:

1. “Some Special” by Bratmobile from Gone Home

The mid 90’s Riot Grrrl movement from and the pacific northwest play a heavy role in this outstanding narrative about 2 sisters and their coming of age-tale. I haven’t seen an indie game convey such a specific and unique theme. It completely understands it’s place and makes the world believable. From one of my favorite games of the year, Gone Home.

2. “Build that Wall (Zia’s Theme)” by Darren Korb from Bastion

It’s amazing I still have to look how to spell this guy’s name. I feel like we talk and/or play something from the Bastion soundtrack every week. This track is amazing. It’s actually performed by Ashley Barret, the voice of Zia, and it adds a ridiculous amount of depth to the lore of Bastion. If you choose to believe this. 

3. “About that Money” by Demon Cheeks from Demon Chic

I don’t even know where to begin. This game is bizarre, like very bizarre. The soundtrack is on the same level. A weird mashup of hip-hop/acid rock/spacey/indie/whatever. It’s definitely a game that’s experience is completely amplified by it’s soundtrack.

4. “Stats Song”  by Matt ‘Chainsaw’ Chaney from Comic Jumper

Redefining what it means to be a videogame song, once again the talented studio out of Austin, TX (shoutout) kills it in the ridiculous category. An in-depth dissection of videogames. Or something. If you like games, you must hear this song.

5. “You Were There by Michiru Oshima from Ico

The haunting high-pitched voice of Steven Garety will stick with you like an eerie scary movie. It is an amazing finish to an epic journey full of wonder and mystery. It leaves plenty to the imagination; just the right amount. The kind that makes you keep digging for more. I swear I will be heartbroken if The Last Guardian never sees the light of day.

6. NOT INDIE!!!!!   “Snake Eater’ by Norahiko Habino from Metal Gear Solid 3

I think you may be hard pressed to find a more suitable game for this category. Not only a game known for it’s incredible bosses but a landmark in videogame music.

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