Episode 5: Bosses

by Matt Clinks

MetaVendetta Episode 5: Bosses

So there you are, sitting in your living room, inched ever so close to the glow of the television. As the clocks ticks down you navigate your protagonist through the level of…whatever game your playing. The music builds, and grows more intense. Suddenly the lights flash – DUH DUH DUHHHHHH. This episode of MetaVendetta is about the legendary and timeless presence of the videogame boss battle. We’ve handpicked a few choice tracks from some great indiegames that illustrate what makes a that final duel with a boss so epic!

Our special guest is Jason ‘Thunder’ Walters, frontman for the Austin-based rock and roll outfit Neon Cobra, comedy podcast host, and part-time pro wrestler(Mr. Canada)!

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cover by Colton Batts

Track Notes:

1. “Divine Combat” by Danny Baronowsky from the Binding of Isaac

Danny B is up first with this great Boss battle theme from the Binding of Isaac, a simple little game that took my free time by storm. Imagine NES Zelda, mixed with SmashTV. Such a great little game.

2. FEATURED ARTIST!  “Live Rad! Die Radder!” by Neon Cobra from Live Rad! Die Radder!

Our first real rock & roll track on MetaVendetta. Jason Walters and his posse in Neon Cobra explain to the world what it means to live conservative and take life extremely serious… 🙂

3. “C.H.A.D.’s Lullaby” by Danny Baronowsky from Super Meat Boy!

We’re doing a double feature of Danny B! This guy straight-up kills it on almost everything. He has the gift for videogame tunage, and Super Meat Boy is a prime example.

4. “Unknowable Geometry”  by Jim Guthrie from the Sword and Sworcery LP: The Ballad of the Space Babies

One of my favorite Boss battles in a long time. The culmination of the slowly building music with the timed strikes of your sword is mesmerizing. Jim Guthrie can do no wrong, and I hope one day to have a film about my life with him doing the soundtrack.

5. “Mincemeat‘ by Tettix from Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy- it’s a thorn in my side. I haven’t beaten this damn game yet.

6. “Giant’s Rage‘ , arrangement by Takumi Naramura & music by Houryu Samejima from the La-Mulana Soundtrack: Disc 1

Old school boss battle action and a soundtrack that feels stuck in time. La-Mulana is the perfect example of a ‘throwback’ game done correctly – down to the , incredibly ridiculous, 3 -disk soundtrack of music by the game designer, Naramura-san. Talk about multi-talented. If you are a fan of SNES era gaming this could be truly special for you. I know everyone on MV loved it!

7. NOT INDIE!!!!!   “Boss Theme’ by Takashi Tateishi from MegaMan 2

I think you may be hard pressed to find a more suitable game for this category. Not only a game known for it’s incredible bosses but a landmark in videogame music.

***Intro – Outro – Background Tracks by Cruxes
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