Episode 4: Space pt.2, Isolation

by Matt Clinks

MetaVendetta Episode 4: Space, pt.2 Isolation

It’s time to finish off what’s left of SPPPPPPPACE! That’s right, folks! It’s time for the epic conclusion of MetaVendetta’s Space double-feature. I’m joined by the regular crew as we talk about indiegame music themed around Space. The sub-theme of this episode is ‘isolation’ as opposed to last month’s ‘stimulation.’ So expect an entire episode featuring a bit more of a quiet and creepy tone. Isolation, indeed.

We have an incredibly special guest, in the form of Donovan’s synth…and more!

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Track Notes:

1. “Recreation” by Carlo Castellano
from the Swapper

Where 2D indie puzzle platformers are a dime a dozen… The Swapper is a quarter, for real. Thanks to Facepalm Games for delivering an amazing and immersive experience. Apparently most of the environments were handmade clay models and everyday materials. It gives you that sense of discovery that I haven’t had since Braid or the Portal series. Something about this song really spoke to me. It sticks out like an odd duck on the soundtrack, but the analogue record scratches and piano tugged on my heartstrings.

2. “Outer Wilds Main Theme” by Andrew Prahlow
from the Outer Wilds

Get ready to embark on your own personal space journey before the universe explodes. This game oozes personality and creativity. It’ll blow your socks off…The whole cast of MetaVendetta is stoked about seeing a final product of the Outer Wilds. You can check out the alpha for free here!

What Andrew said about the song:

“I was trying to capture the emotion of camping in space, which is one of the themes of the game.  There are 4 traveling aliens:  One plays a banjo, one plays an alien flute, one plays drums, and one plays harmonica.  I wanted to make sure that each part could stand alone if played by itself, but when all the parts are brought together it creates the main theme for the game. “

3. “The Moon” by Seongyi Yi, Chaeeun Kim (Merry Go Sound)

from 6180 the Moon

The minimalist romance experience of your Atari dreams. You play the Moon, on a journey to find the Sun. It introduces a few unique mechanics and generally keeps up an insanely hard pace. All the while, this beautiful soundtrack accompanies it.

4. “Prophet” off the album Slowdrifter by Datahowler
from Eleven

Traveling through space and being engulfed in stars and colorful objects. No game fits the bill more than Eleven. It’s a beautiful-artistic puzzle exploration game. Datahowler kills every inch of this soundtrack, providing the perfect beats for your space journey. Do yourself a favor and check out this trailer immediately ANNNND Make sure and check out Datahowler’s new album ‘The Crystal Gazers.’

5. “The Blue Danube“(originally by Johann Straus) chiptune version by Doug Zwick from SuperSpace________

Easily the most difficult game of this episode, but in a good way. This chaotic couch co-op mashup of Asteroids meets Geometry Wars is free right now on there website and totally worth checking out. You definitely need to grab a few of your friends and see how long you can go without punching eachother! Do not try to play this by yourself…

What Doug said about it:

” Thanks to Stanley Kubrick, the Blue Danube invokes feelings of grace and majesty, of grand achievements of human engineering drifting delicately through the boldness of space. I was deeply struck by the humorous irony of using this piece for Super Space ____, a low-visual-detail mostly-abstract game where players will almost necessarily spend much of their time crashing into shit and pissing each other off through the boldness of space.

6. NOT INDIE!!! “Opening Suite” by Martin O’Donnell/Michael Salvatori
from Halo: Combat Evolved

“ahhhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhoh ahhhh ohhhhhh ooooooooooo……ohhhhh oh aghhhhhhh agh oh agh ohhhhhhhh”


***Intro – Outro – Background Tracks by Chemical Grove
Chemical Grove official Bandcamp

All MetaVendetta intro/outro/background music has been kindly provided by Chemical Grove. Check out their website, support them, and go to their shows!

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Don’t forget to check out the indiegame thread on NeoGaf – The best place to learn about the coolest indiegames. Also check out the curator’s own free music blog, it’s rad:

Special Guest – Donovan’s creepy space machine

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