Episode 4: Space, pt.I Stimulation

by Matt Clinks

MetaVendetta Episode 4: Space, pt.I Stimulation

Space. The final frontier, unless you’re an indiegame. In which case it’s a very popular and frequented frontier. That’s why our crowd is still growing. This week we are honored to be joined by Matt Piersall, the president & founder of Gl33k as well as superstar DJ, joins the regular crew to discuss all things space related. This includes a few live tracks by Matt himself as well as some good discussion on Gl33k’s upcoming space-themed music-generator game ‘thing’, Cosmic DJ!

You may have also noticed the ‘pt.I’ on the title. No? That’s because space is so big we are breaking into two shows. Part 1 is about stimulation(upbeat), and Part II will cover isolation(downbeat).

So get ready to take one small (dub)-step for man… this is MetaVendetta episode 4: Space, pt.I Stimulation

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Track Notes:

1. “Amethyst Caverns” by Jeremiah Ross, ‘Module’
from Shatter Soundtrack

Kicking off our dancey-space theme is one of the only videogame soundtracks I can think of that is so critically acclaimed you can buy it on vinyl! Shatter – For realsies. Either way if you don’t wanna get down with analog, the whole thing is $2.99 for the digital record, and boy is it worth it. It’s one of the main reasons to play this modern take on the old ‘brick-breaker’ ‘Arkanoid’ format. Shatter is rad, through and through.

2. “Surface Tension” by ChrisChristodoulou
from the Risk of Rain Soundtrack

Rogue-likes are all the rage right now. Rogue Legacy is tearing up Steam, andpainfully hard games like Dark Souls are en vogue. That’s another reason Risk of Rain is primed and ready to destroy your world. Imagine a metroidvania with randomly generated levels and the longer you survive the game gets increasingly harder and harder. It has all the sci-fi tropes you’d expect – space transport crash lands on mysterious planet, etc. Mixing in the spectacular soundtrack from Chris Christodoulou, I’m super excited to see where they take it. The whole thing is a nice mix of old and new, glitchy and epic and it really fits the atmosphere. Risk of Rain is currently under development, but you can get in on the free beta here!

  • Shoutout to Toma on NeoGaf for the props and a few great recommendations like this one. He curates the monthly indiegame thread on NeoGaf – he to surfaces the best of the best games every month. very cool! Check out his free music site too:


3. Matt Piersall performing songs from the upcoming ‘Cosmic DJ’ game live!
This is a first for us, people! That’s right, real down and dirty in-studio live performance. Bringing down the house is our special guest, Matt Piersall as he mixes a couple of tracks from the upcoming game Cosmic DJ!

4. “Attractive and the Weekend and Sex” by GeminiRadio
from the Waking Mars soundtrack

Waking Mars, by ATX’s own Tiger Style Games, is a game a discovered on my recent trip to Italy. Being one of the only games that controls ‘well’ with an iPhone, I fell in love instantly and almost drained my phone a few times on the trip. You play the role of a scientist that screws around with seeds to create living ecosystems on the planet Mars. Yeah, it sounds like homework, but it’s not! The soundtrack itself sounds like ‘space-science’…you know, if space science has a space-sound! Anyway this track is killer!

5. “Star Line(stratos remix)” by Genki Rockets from the Child of Eden Soundtrack

Do you think we could do a space episode without putting Child of Eden on the track list. Tetsuya Mizaguchi’s band Genki Rockets have this one in the bag. The whole thing is spacey, dancey, and poppy as hell. With gameplay similar to Rez, Child of Eden is an on-rails shooter with a heavy emphasis on the music. The story is about the first human born in space – This game also has a giant space whale, so… I’ll just leave you with that.

6. NOT INDIE!!! “The Moon Theme” by Hiroshige Tonomura
from the DuckTales soundtrack

Sure, they are remastering this game now…but you can’t beat the classic. After talking about this soundtrack in every episode leading up till now, we finally have an excuse to play the infamous, DuckTales Moon Theme! DUH DUH DUHHHHHHHHH!

***Intro – Outro – Background Tracks by Chemical Grove
Chemical Grove official Bandcamp

All MetaVendetta intro/outro/background music has been kindly provided by Chemical Grove. Check out their website, support them, and go to their shows!

Friends on this episode:

Huge thanks to Matt Piersall for turning my living room into a dancefloor with his crazy spinning skillz! And of course, for talking indiegame music with us. Make sure and check out his links

Special Guest Matt Piersall – Gl33k.com, Twitter, Soundcloud

Scott Davis- websitebandcamp

Gabriel Sandoval – website

Donovan Gentry – website

Matt Clinkscales – website(you’re on it)twitter

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