My Mind is Spinning from Bioshock Infinite

by Matt Clinks

As I mentioned in a prior post, I have been looking forward to Bioshock Infinite for a long time now. I was a pretty big fan of the first experience and have been eagerly awaiting Ken Levine’s return to form on a new game. What I didn’t expect was for Bioshock Infinite to not only exceed my expectations but keep my mind spinning trying to fully understand the experience.

I’m not going to spoil anything here, this game is complex.

Bioshock Infinite creates one of the most enthralling and interesting world’s I’ve ever seen in the video game medium. Columbia is a floating city in the clouds, and boy does it have it’s share of baggage!

It actually makes me proud to show a video game finally pushing narrative forward. When I see a good movie or read a good book, the narrative is key. It’s interesting you don’t always need that in a video game, and that’s generally fine.

Infinite highlights one thing that set’s the medium apart. Being able to interact with, make choices, and immerse yourself in a world can add to your overall narrative. The world that Ken Levine creates is like a very pretty painting being done right in front of you. Sometimes you don’t know what is happening on the first brush stroke, but as you push forward in the story you begin to realize what you are seeing.

I realize this may all sound hyperbolic, as I stayed up till around 4:30am finishing this game and I’m still on cloud 9 from the experience, but I had a fantastic time.

Like I said, my head is still spinning. I’m probably going to go back to NeoGaf and Giantbomb message boards and keep reading story discussions, not because I don’t understand everything, but because this game has created a lot of perspectives and complex story beats that all intertwine to create something special.

That’s what this game is…special.