System Shock 2 & B-Movie Internet Shows

by Matt Clinks

With all the hype that’s been generated about the new Bioshock Infinite teasers coming out, I’m sure plenty of people are going back to revisit the original. It was a remarkable game at the time; probably still is. I recall staying up for an entire day/night with my best friend Brian and playing it to completion. Looking back, that is one of my fondest memories. Just plain fun, hanging out with your best friend and playing through one of the coolest video game worlds we had ever seen, Rapture.

It was something special created by the geniuses at Irrational Games. So special in fact, that when the sequel came along, I felt it didn’t belong. Even though it was a good game, I just couldn’t “get into it” the same way. The world of Rapture was it’s own. Knowing that another studio created it…it just didn’t feel right. I still need to finish that game 😦

Back to my story.

Seeing as how I’d already played through the original Bioshock and most of it unofficial sequel. I decided to journey backwards to the game that put Irrational on the map: System Shock 2, from 1999, and just recently released on Good Ol’ Games.

I’ve put in over 4 hours already and the similarities and game design are very similar to Bioshock. They both have similar upgrades, monsters are called hybrids rather than splicers, audiologs, etc. So far I’m enjoying myself. Even though the experience is dated, I can still see the revolutionary ideas that were in place for the time.

I plan on giving this game a good go. I’d like to finish it, but a lot of these older PC games go on for awhile. It’s pretty hilarious how modern game design has spoiled me and watered challenge down to the point of almost too easy. I’m playing System Shock 2 on “easy” and I’ve died about 20 times. I am also fairly terrible at games, in general.

I mentioned the sweet teaser ads for Bioshock Inifinite. They put a ton of work into 70’s documentary style videos for this. It’s worth a gander:

and here’s the main trailer:

And finally, in an unrelated note. Most people know I’m a huge Mortal Kombat fan. Season 2 of the web-series Mortal Kombat Legacy II starts soon, check out the teaser!


“Would you kindly?”