Mortal Kombat Logos….”Get Over Here!”

by Matt Clinks

So I decided to track down all the logos that the Mortal Kombat franchise has used over the years for it’s various media ventures. Why? I have no idea. I guess I have always had a nostalgic soft spot for the dragon logo. Anyway, it is timely however that MK recently celebrated it’s twentieth anniversary. GameSpot did an excellent video on the subject, collecting interviews and footage from various staff members past and present: So here goes my logo rundown for your viewing pleasure…

I am using this handy tool to help me keep the releases in the right order

the original… from MK1 days

this was the typography they used on the original game for the arcade and later the home releases

the original Genesis game…ABACABB!

Had to throw this in, for old-time sake!

Here is an ad for MKII…I always loved how bold the “II” behind the Mortal Kombat was. I remember walking up to the machine in Terry’s Arcade and seeing that awesome photo of Raiden on the side!

I think the 3 looks okay…they went back to that original typography again. They also added some more lighting to the dragon symbol.

I always thought this was interesting…they changed the font and tried to make the symbol look real and “stone.” It worked for the promos, but the funny thing is they just used the regular logo for the opening of the movie.

The ultimate has some ridiculous kerning on it! What makes it ultimate?…Purple skeletons!

Trilogy just looks odd

Yes, a live-action MK series DID happen….and why the hell didn’t they spell Conquest with a “K?” HOW DO YOU MISS THAT?

Here’s a clip if you don’t believe me.

I would understand if you forgot about this one. Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. It was a spinoff sidscroller/fighter. I absolutely can’t stand the way Sub-Zero is written. That U looks like a V. I don’t mind the fact that the logo is frozen…makes sense

ughh…this was the beginning of the end of Mortal Kombat being cool or even interesting to me. MK4 was awkward, ugly and just plain bad. Why did they put swords in the logo? I get it, it’s part of the fighting system, but guess what? That doesn’t make it okay to put it in the logo! I don’t mind the dragon symbol.


I’ve been trying to track down a copy of this game…you know, for the irony of it. The techno MK logo in the back is the worst thing in the entire series’ history. It also looks like the “Mortal Kombat” is squished.

I actually dig how they went for it with this. MKA…I almost wish they didn’t write under it what it meant. Probably terrible idea from a sales perspective, but cool either way.

I think that this was is a little goofy. I get it, right? You tried to incorporate “5” into your logo with the roman numeral V. still looks odd. And the “Deadly Alliance font is awful.

I always thought the game was pretty off the rails at this point…I mean WAYY off the rails. But at least the logo treatment is reminiscent of the early MK stylings. I actually dig this one.

Now from a game standpoint, this game had it all. It was the first truly big departure from the fighting formula that actually worked. It was a hybrid fighting game/adventure. I was really feeling it at the time it was released. The cover art is slightly harkeing back to early 90’s cover art. The logo color is straight-up OG, and with Goro standing in the background as the far focal point, this was just a cool throw-back for the fans. I don’t know if it did well, however.

I don’t even know what to say about this game. I don’t think I played it. The cover is boring and uninspired. They went with an all white typeface treatment here…hmm. Still boring

I also just wanted to point out that this was the cast of characters for the previously mentioned, “Armageddon” release. Seriously, I don’t know like 20 people in this photo…and I’m a huge MK fan.

Boring cover. I like that they went back to the original logo, but why put the “Arcade Kollection” in retro 70’s font? I mean, Mortal Kombat was released in 1992. I get that arcades are old, but the MK heyday happened much later. They should have gone with a photo of some old Chicago based arcade with the MK games lined up showing their wear & tear. Maybe the rest of the arcade is shut down or abandoned…

OK, it’s goofy and all, but I can get behind it. Decent game too. The logo’s don’t exactly “flow,” but I don’t bet they had the option or flexibility with DC. Hey, whatever the case, Batman is on the cover.

Now were talking. Even though the cover art is a tad bombastic, I think they really hit it out of the park with the theme here. Since they basically rebooted the series(and made a kick-ass game in the process) they wen’t back to the original logo treatment and decided to include everyone’s 2 favorite ninja’s on the cover. Very cool

This was taken from the recent internet fan video-turned legitimately produced web-series “Mortal Kombat Legacy.” I honestly don’t like the “eurostyle-like” typeface they used here. Legacy looks to be written in the original font as well. The smoke is a nice touch, but it’s ruined by the over-embossed, after-effects preset logo treatment used here.

…I’m sure there have been a ton more, but that’s what I rounded up in this first batch. Maybe I’ll do a pt.2 where I track down the MK logo used in everything except the games/movies themselves. “FLAWLESS VICTORY!”