Snake Eater

by Matt Clinks

I just put down the controller on Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. It’s always fascinating to me how I’m continually compelled to play through the Metal Gear franchise. I don’t think “play” is the appropriate word, so much as experience.

You will fiddle with the awkward controls for the entire game, sit through hour long cut-scenes, get utterly lost at least 3 times, and be put through some of the worst mechanics ever.

I say all this as I struggle against buying Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD for PSN…but that’s just it. You can’t fight it. There is something intrinsically inaccessible about the Metal Gear games. It’s a gamer’s game. It’s effectively the most unapologetic, crazy franchise still going. That’s what makes it great.


I’ve always heard the Snake Eater was the most “game-like” Metal Gear. Whoever told me that was wrong. While it was enjoyable, it maintained it’s status as a Military-anime-movie-snakepliskin-amalgam. I can’t recommend Metal Gear for anyone, really. But I tell you this. I will still play every one I can, and I’ll love it!