Fez is Absurd

by Matt Clinks

I honestly don’t know how Phil Fish, creator of Fez, was allowed to release his game. It’s absurd, but in a great way. You remember Phil Fish right? The man who set the internet on fire with his comments about modern Japanese gaming?

I would hate to rehash what you may have already read or heard about the game, but do yourself a favor and don’t seek out spoilers. If you plan on playing this game, try and get through the initial 32 cubes required to “beat” the game. After that the game changes. I can’t say what exactly, but the game does things I’ve never seen in my life. Sometimes it seems like this game was not fully reviewed before being released by Microsoft. The puzzles can be so obtuse and stretched that you WILL need the help of the internet to get everything. There are leaps in logic the game expects you to take. Not that this is a bad thing, it’s kind of a breath of fresh air.

The way games hold your hand through every little detail this generation, it’s surprising a game like Fez can flourish. Maybe we don’t need every element of the game spelled out in a quaint tutorial.

Like I said, I would hate to spoil some of the interesting things you’ll encounter in Fez, so go play it now on XBLA. It’s a fantastic game with an interesting concept, unreal music, and challenging puzzles. I guarantee it’s $10 well-spent.

On a side note, Whitt and I met Fez’s creator at last years Fantastic Arcade held at the High Ball. It’s an awesome event where indie developers are in the spotlight for an opportunity to show off their creations to a large crowd of interested people. Phil was a nice guy that seemed genuinely interested in showing us his game. It’s crazy to think how much work has gone into these games for some of these developers.