ATTN Texas: This is NOT illegal!

by Matt Clinks

Growing up in Texas over the years, we have been fed lies from generations before us that because the Bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas, it is illegal to pick said flower.

You’ll notice when Bluebonnets are in season, SUVs pulled over on the side of the highway so families can jump the median and take photos in the pretty flowers. All the while, trying desperately not to disturb the flower and DEFINITELY not pick them.

You wouldn’t want to be thrown in jail, would you?

So Whittney said she wanted to take bluebonnet photos yesterday. This is not out of the ordinary for my wife. She likes doing this type of thing on the regular. I happen to notice on our way out the door that our flowers in our flower vase were dying. I asked Whittney if maybe we should just pick some Bluebonnets.

Well she said no, go figure. She recited to me that, if you pick them you can “go to jail.” So I googled it.

check this out

After reading the article, I decided it would be nice to display the State Flower in our house. So I…picked the Bluebonnets!





So here we are. I checked out the situation,decided to make the move, made sure I wasn’t a disturbance to Texan society, and made a pretty Bluebonnet display.  I will go as far to say the Bluebonnets on display in my house are being given more love and respect than most Bluebonnets ever will.

I will also say that while I did pick the flower for my own pleasure,  I am very against simply destroying the flower for no reason. Maybe it’s not illegal, but you should probably get punched in the face a couple times.  Don’t be THAT guy