Kite Fest, Muchkin, and Torchy’s

by Matt Clinks

Wow…today was a fantastic day. Woke up after a long night of Munchkin with my friends.

Maybe I should stop there and explain. You see, Munchkin is an ultra-rad card game. Imagine Dungeons and Dragonsminus the rollplaying and simplified for a quick party game. That’s right, you still fight monsters and carry big swords and loot things…but its extremely fast and easy. Anyone can play. I forgot to mention it’s hilarious. If you haven’t heard about it, check it out here.

Aside from that, it was possibly one of the most beautiful days ever outside. The sun was shining with a nice cool breeze. Perfect for Austinites to be out in full force. AND WE WERE. The Kite festival happened today, and you would know by the traffic trying to get to Zilker Park. It was unreal, but worth it. I’ve never seen so many kites in the air in my life.

After that, my wife and I decided to hit up our favorite Taco(not tex-mex…chuys) place, Torchy’s Tacos. Always a win in my book as well.

Great day, great day.