PC Quick Hits

by Matt Clinks

I had a little free time today and decided to download the new(ish) PC indie game the Binding of Isaac. This game really has the sould of Super Meat Boy, and rightfully so. It was actually done by 1 of the 2 members of Team Meat, Edmund McMillen. It is a great little game! It’s also totally worth the price at $4.99 on Steam. I have literally been overjoyed playing the old-school Zelda hybrid SmashTV shooter. It’s simple, straightforward, and clever. I highly encourage everyone to check out the demo here.

On the other side of the spectrum, I just saw the new Tribes Ascend on Giant Bomb’s weekly “Thursday Night Throwdown” feature and thought I’d try it out. I had a great time with it. The mix of mid-ninetees shooter mentality and smooth aerial gameplay kept me interested. It’s only in Beta now, so I’ll be curious to see where the game ends up.

I get the feeling you will need to make some sort of monetary investment to really get somewhere in the game. From what I could tell, you level fairly slowly.  It’s true I could just suck at video games. I just got the feeling that the hours you would have to put in to get where you want is astronomical. Hey, good on them for putting out something like this for FREE to begin with. It’s not like they are asking a lot from me.

Either way, I don’t recall the “ski” feature being so prominent in older Tribes, but I think it’s my favorite part of the game. It’s almost as if you could get good enough with each level to never slow down. Once you know the best routes, you could just ski/jetpack/fall/ski/jetpack your way to each base. I enjoyed that mechanic. It seems like it adds another layer to an already different type of shooter than whats readily available today.

I feel I’ve made a good choice in building a PC recently…

The PC Games world has been so interesting to me because it feels so secretive. A vast majority of the games fly under the radar. That’s not to discredit them. I’m sure a ton of these games(like the ones mentioned above) are fantastic. It’s just different than the way the console gaming world works…it’s wide open and free.

I like it.