Deus Ex: Game World Revolution

by Matt Clinks

So I just beat Deus Ex: Human Revolution on my Xbox360. It was a great experience the whole way through. I almost wish it didn’t end. It really reminded me of a time when large open worlds WERE the main draw of a game. I explored every nook and crany just like I poured hours into doing with Morrowind.

Not to say that these games are similar, but what they have in common is the selling point for me: the world. Morrowind had a world that felt like it had a past and story. Deus Ex did too, and it doesn’t lose it at all with Human Revolution. It goes farther. The emails located in computers around the world alone make this game unique. It’s not just regular story emails, some of the them contain character development and fun threads about different people in the game. Exploring Deus Ex was very rewarding from a story point of view.

Even though the game’s open world was contained like so many other games, the developers went to great lengths to fill the world with characters, story, hidden areas, etc. It was fantastic.

So major props goes out to the developers for concentrating to create a living breathing world like the one in Deus Ex. You turned your game from an apprehensive purchase to possibly one of my favorite games of the year.

I am very excited about any possible DLC which is already on the way!

current top 5 of 2011:

-Portal 2

-Mortal Kombat

– Bastion

-Deus Ex

– Old World Blues: Fallout New Vegas DLC