LA Noire, Feel it!

by Matt Clinks

It has been a long time since a game’s aesthetic alone has made me fall in love with the rest of the package.

Don’t get me wrong, Team Bondi’s LA Noire is a great game. I really do love playing it. The narrative and interweaving story has had me playing for over a week now without getting even slightly bored.  But the setting, music, characters, etc. etc…I am in love. I already purchased the Rockstar Pass for all the DLC..

I may circle back once I complete the game for a full-fledged review on my bloggy.

I think it goes without saying, but this is a game for adults. It is a no nonsense, crime scene searching, hard nosed interview game. Not what I would call your normal bro-shooter. I know this game is something special for the following reason alone:  My wife is actually interested in it, because she enjoys the story. This is a very uncommon occurrence in our household…and I’ve tried all the classics, trust me.

 listen to

 listen to this…now

With that in mind, I wouldn’t recommend this to MOST people I know that play videogames. I do know if your a fan of a truly unique experience, and you put a lot of weight into a deep story and developed characters, look no further.  This is, indeed, one of the first games that I have actually felt something for one of the characters…so bravo Rockstar!

Regardless of gameplay, the music alone is worth the purchase. I couldn’t recommend this enough either. If your a fan on remixes of classic jazz, this is a great listen.

Edit- Update: I finished the game. Wow, may I say, What a true to the genre finish. Bravo for not giving us a run of the mill ending.