Beyond Good and Evil

by Matt Clinks

I just finished Beyond Good and Evil HD on the Xbox360. I am very pleased they released this game on XBLA, because it’s been a damn long time since I played the original game.

Looking back I really didn’t put too much time into the game. I hardly recall any of the story, and the depth of the system in the game are very advanced for when this game came out.

Without doing an entire review, I would say this game’s best feature is the inclusion of the photography system. Taking pictures of all the animals, etc was one of my favorite things about the game. I ended up finding all the animals without really grinding it out.

Anyway, really good game…I AM excited for a sequel if one does come out. I would assume that a ton of people downloaded this game based on the XBLA star-reviews. Good for this game. It was under appreciated at the time so maybe this does it some justice.