by Matt Clinks

Whittney and I had the afternoon off. After doing the normal Sunday routine of clean, clean , clean, we decided to do something nice.

First we visited our pal Jake at Joe’s on 2nd street. Sure enough, the place DOES INDEED have a good burger. I thought it impossible, but nay.

After chillin at Joe’s for a bit I convinced Whitt to take me to Pinballz since it closed early the night before.

So after a little it of begging, we were off to Pinballz for “one hour.”

Pinballz is a large pinball focused arcade that opened about 2 months ago. Wow this place is incredible if you are a fan of pinball machines. It has everything, at least everything I’ve ever seen pinballwise. I decided to look up top rated pinabll machines, and sure enough (between Whitt and I) we have now played some of the top 10 rated pinball machines off all time. This includes Medieval Madness, Twilight Zone, Adams Family, Lord of the Rings, and Attack from Mars.

Here is Whitt playing Attack from Mars.

So i don’t have much to say other than: we had a blast. Go support your local arcade/pinball place. They are few and far between. This place is a gem.