Microbots, Comic Books, Pico de Gallo

by Matt Clinks

So if you haven’t already, go buy Microbots on XBLA or PSN. It is a fantastic little twin stick shooter. I know, i know. We have about 50 of these come out a week. But this has a nice feel to it. Plenty of upgrades to keep it you busy, and local co-op(untested.)

I am excited to dig deeper into this game.

On another note, Whitt has me on the eat clean diet. I am scarfing down Pico de Gallo from the local food mart. There is something about good Pico that beats about anything else. Must be a Tex/Mex thing.

I also finished Batman: Dark Victory , the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and We 3. All are good, but WE3 takes it. I actually felt an emotional tremor a few times. Felt good to FEEL something reading a comic. I highly recommend it.