So it’s been a bit…

by Matt Clinks

For real…Work has gotten the best of me.

To be honest, Call of Duty: Black Ops…or BLOPS has also gotten the best of me. The sad thing is I have yet to finish the single player…something I normally consider mandatory before beginning the multiplayer.

It just seems it’s the game every friend I have picked up on day 1 and has been playing ever since. Whe nobody is online I have little cram sessions of Fallout: New Vegas. I am powering through that game as I type this.

But yeah, back to BLOPS. The mutliplayer seems better than Modern Warfare 2, which is to say, a really big deal. I didn’t know that Treyarch had it in them, but they did/do!

So yeah, alot of BLOPS, alot of New Vegas. I got a chance to play the new Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit game. It was made by the same people that made Burnout Paradise. Too bad, Burnout is still a much better and more engaging franchise to me. I am not a fan of racing in any sort of realistic sense. You can have your Gran Tourismo any day, give me some Jet Moto/Burnout/Downhill Domination.  One word review of NFS:HP- okay.

I don’t know where i started with this… oh yeah

I will have my Fallout: New Vegas impressions soon, but here is a teaser: Very good story and characters…but janky as hell. More coming soon.

Did I say I finished Oblivion? Oh no, I don’t mean finished I mean 100% totally completed Oblivion. And it only took me 4 years. Ha! The Shivering Isles was always just an inch out of my price range until about a month ago when Microsoft ran a special giving you back $10 if you spent $30. So i did. And with that money I was able to finally put a bow on the masterpiece that is Oblivion(still not as good as Morrowind).