Abe, Wu-Tang, and Vinny D!

by Matt Clinks

I will piss you off!

So maybe it’s my memory not serving me correctly, or maybe I had rose colored glasses on when I was younger, but Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee  is hard as H, E, double-hockey-stick.

I recently saw this while surfing through the Playstation online store. I remembered playing the demo as a kid, probably not getting that far, but loving how much interactivity it had. At the time it was cool mindblowing.

First off, the game is very unforgiving. Not in a, “this is way to hard” style, but in a “I just got touched by a bat, now  have to redo the last 15 minutes of grueling meticulous pattern memorization.” Most of the time this frustration is caused by the FACT that the controls are as unresponsive as a potato. Trying to get the hang of timed jumping is next to impossible.

Maybe there is a charm I haven’t seen yet in the controls…I don’t know.

Otherwise the game itself, and I think I am almost half-way through, is a great example of how to really give your game character. It is overflowing with style and character. It makes you want to get to the end. It makes you want to beat it.

I want to find out more about the Modukuns, and I will suffer through the controls and bad save system to do so.

On Another note, I found a copy of Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style at my local classic video game store. With my new found love of early nineties hip hop at it’s peak, I couldn’t bare not grabbing a copy. Review fourthcoming.

On Another-nother note. Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena came in on my Gamefly today(and it’s starting to take longer and longer). Anyway, the guys that did the excellent first-person adventure/shooter, the Darkness, were responsible for this game. I never played Escape from Bucher Bay but I hear it’s a fantastic shooter from the original Xbox. Anyway, Starbreeze seems like they know what they are doing, even if the studio doesn’t seem to get any credit.

Way too serious.

Review also forthcoming.