God of War part Deux

by Matt Clinks

Following my last venture into the back catalog of God of War. Let me tell you, after the first God of War, I wasn’t sure how I would deal with diving straight into the sequel.

Don’t get me wrong, the first one was great, but more?

Either way, I will make this quick. God of War 2: Bigger, harder, longer.

(…that’s what she said)

In all seriousness, GOW2 hit exactly the stride I think they(the creators) aimed for, but does that benefit the game?


Sure, I loved the story, but the simple fact that the whole game was really a fractional moment in time kinda bugs me. The game was an epic journey to basically go back in time and slap a guy. Sure many things happen after said incident, and many more things happen because of said incident. It doesn’t change the fact that said incident is menial compared to the hours and hours you pour into this journey.

The combat was about the same. I upgraded the main weapon and what I thought was a powerful magic all the way. That got me through the entire game. I actually had tons of red orbs left at the end of the game. Bad design? Maybe the weapons should have had better upsides to them, I don’t know. I DO know I wasn’t really encouraged to “branch out.”

The puzzles…hmm, I have mixed feelings about this. I love some of the puzzle design, but it seemed like everything was leading up into another puzzle. I especially was frustrated in the section of the game where you were trying to release the Phoenix. It just seemed like everything you did led to something else. Another switch, another jewel, another blah blah blah.

Highs: The fight with Perseus, and the giant setting.

Lows: The endless harpy fire room, tapping the O button, forced combat for length-sake.

All in all, the game was great, I just don’t think it had the focus, story or heart of it’s predecessor.