God of War backlog

by Matt Clinks

GameFly, the video game delivery service, is both good and bad.

Look! badly-targeted, shitty, advertising!

Good: Rent almost any game you want for a minimal fee as many times as you want a month.

Bad: Forget about the game you rented and that minimal fee you have been paying now looks like you bought the game…twice.

This was my experience with the God of War collection for PS3. With the new God of War, 3, coming out I wanted to play the original 2 games to catch myself up on the story. You see, I had sold my PS2 by the time the original had even came out. You know, moved on to the next generation and what-not.

I am surprised to say that the original God of War is equal to if not better mechanically and graphically than a lot of the first wave of “next-gen” titles.

I should go ahead and say: Spoiler Alert(Even though it’s been out for six years. That’s right, six years.)

Following the game’s creator, David Jaffe through his own twisted version of Greek mythology was fantastic from start to finish as we see the path of a mighty warrior, Kratos, given a second chance for glory only to be forced into servitude of the god Ares. His path of destruction continues as Ares tries to free Kratos of all earthly ties, and trick him into killing his own family out of blind rage. There are no real twists to the story. Most of what happens in God of War is a big build up to a final fight versus your once beloved god Ares.

I will say even though I knew what was going to happen, the lush environments and atmosphere taken from all corners of Greek mythology made me continue on. In fact, though God of War is famous for it’s fighting system and brutality, my favorite part was the environment.

The camera always took a well deserve, extra second, to sweep over huge valleys and picturesque landscapes as the game prepared you for your next task.

The controls are a little sluggish as the animation has priority. The platforming is pretty awful too, but the combat itself is downright empowering. It is one of the most fun fighting systems in any game.

I don’t want to bog this down too much. I have a few more hours to start God of War 2.

It’s going to be a long day at work tomorrow…